Thursday, April 6, 2017

Juan Atkins @ Boiler Room Broadcasts DJ Set at Dollop Detroit Series

Juan Atkins 130 min Boiler Room Broadcasts DJ Set at Dollop Detroit Series

Boiler Room Broadcasts: Dollop's Detroit Series w/ Juan Atkins, Simian Mobile Disco, Dave Congreave, Charles Drakeford, Lixo & Dollop DJs

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DJ Hell comes back with his 5th album

DJ Hell comes back with his 5th album, after a 8 years release break

This year, DJ Hell is getting back to work on his international label. Deejay Gigolo Records. A return with a bang was announced last Christmas with the release of the single, “I Want U”, in collaboration with Tom Of Finland, for which a series of T-shirts is for sale on DJ Hell’s Single Pattern shop.

Anticipated for the 28th April, Zukunftsmusik is “a personal, ambitious and provocative disc” for the artist.

When we trace DJ Hell’s journey, there is good reason to look forward to the idea of ​​discovering his fifth long format. Started in 1992 with the famous “My Definition Of House Music”, the exponential career of the German DJ and producer has set a benchmark all around the world. The artist is currently celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his label, with gigs all around Europe.

While DJ Hell has been less prolific these last few years, he has only been more long-awaited, and Zukunftsmusik could well be a new milestone after more than thirty years of his career.. Melodic, rich, vocal, overpowering or instrumental, that’s what could be said about DJ Hell’s fifth album. Consisting of thirteen unique songs and two bonus tracks, Zukunftsmusik is actually a disc in its own right, a piece of work that is different from what we had been able to hear previously. “Car Car Car”, the next single from the album, will make it possible to calm even the most impatient until the release of the disc on the 28th April on International Deejay Gigolo Records.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Umek Behind The Iron Curtain Ep. 294

Umek Behind The Iron Curtain Ep. 294

Welcome to UMEK's hour-long trip Behind The Iron Curtain. Hear it on your favourite radio station. Full schedule here:

01. Itamar Sagi - Incomma (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] | 00:42
02. 2pole - Walk To Reality (Original Mix) [Phobiq] | 04:18
03. Buitrago, Marck D - No One Else (Skober Remix) [Unity Records] | 08:37
04. Julian Jeweil - Chrome (Original Mix) [Form] | 13:00

SlamRadio - 230 - Cassegrain AUDIO

SlamRadio - 230 - Cassegrain

In techno circles, Cassegrain shouldn't need too much of an introduction. With a label résumé that includes, among others, Prologue, Infrastructure New York, Killekill, and Ostgut Ton—as well as highly regarded performances at Berghain, Village Underground, and Output—they've more than stamped their name on the scene. Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen—the two artists behind Cassegrain—formed the project after a chance meeting at the Redbull Music Academy in Barcelona. In the years following, they collaborated remotely

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Slam Radio YYYY - 228 - 2017

Listen to Slam Radio YYYY - 228 - 2017

YYYY is an anonymous Techno duo based on Buenos Aires active since 2013. Their eclectic sound spreads through Techno, Industrial, Atmospheric, Dub and Drone. Their performances in both live and hybrid format are known to be forceful and introspective, going from aggressive to deeply

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SlamRadio 227 Slam Fabric London January 2017

SlamRadio 227 Slam Fabric London January 2017


[000] ?
[000] Obscure Shape & SHDW - Die Wiederkehr [Afterlife - AL 001D]
[005] Shifted - Vacive [Hospital - HOS 470]
[007] Monoloc - Muted [Dystopian - LP 01]
[010] Shlomi Aber - Paradox [Be As One - BAO 060]
[015] SLV - Connections [Soma - 480D]
[020] NX1 - RL1 (Agony Forces Remix) [Rising - RL 01]
[025] Rob Acid - Cosmic [Babiczstyle - DIRTCUTS 002]
[028] Klaudia Gawlas - Longing For
[035] DJ Emerson - Black Dirt (Ilario Alicante Remix) [Nonlinear Systems - NLS 011]
[039] ?
[044] Regis - Argibalt (U VIV Remix) [Labrynth - LABD 002]
[048] Mondo - Work Me Baby (Original Mix 1) [Deeply Rooted House - DRH 035]
[051] ?
[058] Cleric - 2nd Limit [Clergy - CRG 003]
[060] Ambivalent - Cyclone [Valence - VAL 007]
[065] ?
[068] Slam & Mr. V - Take You There [Soma - 454D]
[075] ?
[080] Ilario Alicante - Zenith [Soma - 453D]
[084] Kolde - Vision Suggeree [Kolde]
[090] ?
[095] Moddullar - Ellos [New Rhythmic - NRDR 065]
[099] ?
[103] Amotik - Chau [Amotik - AMTK 004]
[105] Jon Hester - Constellations [Dystopian - 020]
[109] ?
[113] Christian Morgenstern - Ex Machina [Forte - FRT 03]
[118] Dax J - Harry The Hatchet [Electric Deluxe - EDLX 051]
[120] Truncate - Untitled [Truncate - 102]
[122] MATRiXXMAN - Protocol [Fifth Wall - 5WALL 005]
[125] Savas Pascalidis - Reflection [Be As One - BAO 061]
[128] Slam - Ecclesiastic [Soma - DA 114]
[134] ?
[147] Tensal - Achievement 3 [Float - 014]
[149] Slam - Morass [Soma - 449D]
[154] Cleric - 2nd Limit [Clergy - CRG 003]
[160] ?
[164] Masahiro Suzuki - The Outer Limits (M Fukuda Remix) [DSR Digital - DSRD 293]
[169] ?

Solardo - Relief Podcast 2/8/2017

Solardo - Relief Podcast 2/8/2017

Umek - Behind the Iron Courtain - Ep. 292 Feb 2017

Umek - Behind the Iron Courtain - Episode 292

Friday, February 3, 2017

Generation Of Sound - Early 90s Rave Documentary

Generation Of Sound - Early 90s Rave Documentary - SEE VIDEO DOCUMENTARY

Generation of Sound, the first of the "rave documentaries," shot back in 1992 and '93 during the last wave of techno's mainstream action. Armed with a camcorder and a Radio Shack editing suite, these filmmakers created a relatively accurate picture of the emerging American rave scene, profiling the DJs, artists, and promoters who built the foundation on which Better Living's stars built their careers. You'll catch low-budget, grainy interviews with the usual suspects (Frankie Bones, promoter Matt E. Silver, DJ Ron D. Core), footage of several classic American raves, and some early and all-but-