Friday, February 3, 2017

Generation Of Sound - Early 90s Rave Documentary

Generation Of Sound - Early 90s Rave Documentary - SEE VIDEO DOCUMENTARY

Generation of Sound, the first of the "rave documentaries," shot back in 1992 and '93 during the last wave of techno's mainstream action. Armed with a camcorder and a Radio Shack editing suite, these filmmakers created a relatively accurate picture of the emerging American rave scene, profiling the DJs, artists, and promoters who built the foundation on which Better Living's stars built their careers. You'll catch low-budget, grainy interviews with the usual suspects (Frankie Bones, promoter Matt E. Silver, DJ Ron D. Core), footage of several classic American raves, and some early and all-but-
forgotten West Coast dance music. Film geeks will find the production nauseating, but for aging ravers it's a trip down memory lane.

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