Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cristian Vogel next up on The Tapeworm cassette label

The legendary producer has prepared a 90-minute 'Mist Tape, out later this March.

Cristian Vogel will release 'Mist Tape via The Tapeworm later this March.

Vogel describes his project for the experimental tape label, which has also issued cassette works from Fennesz, Pye Corner Audio and Stephen O'Malley, as such: "I found some talking books out on the street—someone was throwing them away.
They had been in the sun a while. Perfect. I took one home and recorded over it with sketches and ideas. This isn’t a mixtape – it’s a 'mist tape.'" The Chilean-born producer made the recordings between 2014 and 2015, recorded directly to cassette, except for "the slamming beat at 3'27" of side one," which he label explains is a short clip of SØS Gunver Ryberg mixing one of her tracks in Vogel's studio.

Last summer, Vogel made six of his '90s albums available online in remastered editions.

You can stream the limited edition 'Mist Tape in full over at Vogel's website.

A Part I [47m08s]
B Part II [47m11s]

The Tapeworm will release 'Mist Tape in March, 2016.

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