Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pär Grindvik announces first album, Isle Of Real

Pär Grindvik has revealed details of his first full-length, Isle Of Real. 

The LP lands more than 15 years since Pär Grindvik's debut record, 2002's Shape. Soon after, launched Stockholm LTD, a label that's since become one of Sweden's most popular techno outlets. Isle Of Real will be the first album-length release on the label. The LP comprises ten tracks, most of which were sketched on the road over a period of nine months. Grindvik then took these sketches into the studio in Stockholm, where he enlisted Peder Mannerfelt as a recording assistant.

Stream album cut "Shine" below.

01. Never Give In
02. Headland
03. The Marlton
04. Shine
05. Isle Of Real
06. Limits Of Real
07. Holy Nothing
08. Shelter
09. Tide Us Part
10. Changes

Stockholm LTD will release Isle Of Real in spring 2016.

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